Gurgura is oromo or somali

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Gurgura is oromo or somali

Mr Bamlaku Tadesse has an M. Mr Yeneneh Tesfaye also has an M. Note: The names and details of two of the co-authors do not appear in the printed copies of this issue, since due to an unfortunate misunderstanding this information arrived only after the printing had already been completed. This article tries to show the impacts of conflict on women, the role of women in conflict and indigenous conflict resolution, and the participation of women in social institutions and ceremonies among the Issa and Gurgura clans of the Somali ethnic group.

The primary role of women in the formation of social capital through marriage and blood relations between different clans or ethnic groups is assessed. The paper focuses on some of the important elements of the socio-cultural settings of the study community that are in one way or another related to conflict and indigenous conflict resolution mechanisms.

It also examines the positive aspects of marriage practices in the formation of social capital which strengthens friendship and unity instead of enmity.

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Erer district is located in the Shinle zone of the Somali region which is about 60 km from Dire-Dawa and located to the north-west of the capital Jijiga. The area is characterised by arid and semi-arid environment. The district has 23 kebeles peasant associationsof which about 13 are predominantly inhabited by the Gurgura clan and the rest by the Issa clan. Based on their livelihood strategies, the population could be identified as pastoralist, agro-pastoralist and urban dweller communities.

The population in the study area is characterised by homogeneous communities in terms of cultural i. The Issa are mainly pastoralist communities living in the arid and semi-arid areas of Ethiopia and Djibouti, and the Gurguras are mostly agro-pastoralist communities. Furthermore, the Gurgura, Issa and Hawiya clans are Somali ethnic groups speaking the Somali language and residing in the Somali regional state while the Ittu and Nolle clans are Oromo ethnics speaking the language of Afan Oromo and residing in the Oromia regional state.

Afar is an ethnic group speaking the Afar language and residing in the arid and semi-arid climates of Afar regional state. All of the above mentioned clans and ethnic groups are linguistically categorised under the Cushitic language family of Ethiopia. Local conflicts in pastoral areas have been a common phenomenon since time immemorial. They are often characterised by competition over grazing land and water resources and by livestock raiding and looting.

Such kinds of conflicts were further intensified with the declining nature of the pastoral mode of life and the type of state responses Kandagor Resource scarcity is leading to unsustainable pressure on vital resources such as pasture and water, and thus to increasing levels of violent competition and tension between local communities. In the case of Erer, conflicts happen due to the scarcity of available natural resources water points, farming and pasture lands.

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Conflicts could be intra- or inter-clan, inter-ethnic, or inter-personal due to boundary conflicts on farm lands and problems of access to irrigation water. The inter- and intra-clan conflicts between and among the Issa and the Gurgura clans are due to competition over scarce natural resources like water and pasture land, as well as to cattle raiding.

Besides the conflicts with a socio-economic dimension, there are also administrative boundary conflicts which have political and ethnic dimensions. Such kinds of conflicts include the ethnic conflicts between groups who consider each other as traditional enemies: the Issa clan of Somali and Afar ethnic groups, the Ittu clan of Oromo and the Hawiya clan of Somali ethnic groups, the Issa clan of Somali and the Nolle clan of Oromo ethnic groups and the Gurgura clan of Somali and their neighbouring Nolle clan of Oromo ethnic groups.Moderator: Moderators.

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Dedicated Somali clans, history, rivalry and today's tribal matters. Gobolka Shinile Siti has grown tremendous. The Issa are making all of us Somalis proud!

Plus more woredas added to the regional state. Even though the latest map from it's still not up to date since a lot of changes were made this year. Somali Regional State in the past. Even though the Issa dominate the zonethe Gurgura, Gadabursi and Hawiye who live there will benefit from the river too.

A quick look into the conflict. Awash River! It will feed every Somali in it's proximity. Irrigation, crops, energy, fishing, the river is a blessing to us all!

I drove by awash too where i saw crocodiles on the train tracks just chillin'. There is no ogaden maybe a lost safar, you got the whole jidwaaq, bursuq, midgaan degaan before you get to the first reer issaq and toolmaoge of ogaden.

The crap thing about this is Isaaq don't even have their own region inside K5. I haven't been there, but InshAllah I will.

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It seems like a blessed land. Erer Gadabursi Gurgura and Hawiye also live there.

Gurgura (woreda)

We know that Dembel is exclusive Gadabursi woreda. Dire Dawa the majority of Oromo group are actually Gurgura. Not Oromo. They speak Afaan Oromo, but trace themselves to Dir and then you have the other Gurgura that only speak Somali. So they have dual identities, but one Ugaas. That's why Gurgura is the key to Dire Dawa and which ethnic group rules it.The city of Dire Dawa was originally called Dir Dhabe and used to be part of Adal Sultanate during the medieval times and was exclusively settled by Dir clan which is a major Somali tribe and after the weakening of Adal Sultanate, the Oromos took advantage and were able to penetrate through the city and settle into these areas and also assimilate some of the local Gurgura clan.

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Oromo political organizations sought to coerce the Gurgura, who's identity was very contentious for the city of Dire Dawa who largely speak the Oromo language Oromiffato identify themselves as Oromo, though they belong to the Dir clan family of the Somalis.

Oromo political organizations claimed that "the Gurgura people who speak Oromiffa belong to the Oromo nation and they only started to identify themselves with the Somali after the change of the Haile Selassie regime".

Many prominent Gurgura in Dire Dawaincluding traditional leaders, have identified themselves either Oromo or Somali. Sincemajority of them identify themselves as Somalis though we have still others that identify themselves as Oromos. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the ethnic group. For the district, see Gurgura woreda. Red Sea Press. Ethiopia: the top people. Indigo Publications. The conquest of Abyssinia: 16th century.

African Books Collective. Somali clans. Digil Mirifle. Madhiban Muse clan Asharaf Sheekhaal Yibir. Categories : Somali clans in Ethiopia.

gurgura is oromo or somali

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Hybrid Death Awaits You. Bohol said:. I think Hybrid has a point.

Issa Clan VS Oromo (Qoti).

Some Akisho are too good looking to be Oromos. Look at their females. Starting at Factz said:.Gurgura is a woreda in the chartered city of Dire Dawa in Ethiopia. It is named after the Gurgura clan which traces its genealogy to the Dir clan family of the Somalis. The woreda of Gurgura was in existence as early aswhen its administrative center was at Kersa. Based on figures published by the Central Statistical Agency inthis woreda has an estimated total population ofof whom 58, are men and 58, are women; 14, or With an estimated area of 1, The national census reported a total population for this woreda of 87, in 15, households, of whom 45, were men and 41, were women; 8, or 9.

Is Akisho/Gurre Somali or Oromo?

The three largest ethnic groups reported in Gurgura were the Oromo Oromiffa is spoken as a first language by The majority of the inhabitants were Muslimwith Concerning education7. Censuses record that Oromo are the greatest percentage of the Gurgura woreda, based on the number who speak the Oromo language.

But the Gurgura clan share both Somali and Oromo identities, speaking the Oromo language and tracing their genealogy to the Dira Somali clan family. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. African Books Collective. The conquest of Abyssinia: 16th century. Categories : Dire Dawa Districts of Ethiopia. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Ethiopia articles missing geocoordinate data All articles needing coordinates. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

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gurgura is oromo or somali

Skip to content. Search Advanced search. Quick links. F does not exist anymore, they are apart of ONLF. Because 77 somalis moved out and the oromos moved in, they did the same with Hararge or Adari areas.

Oromo are cherrypickers. Stay in your desert and leave the cities and fertile lands to people who know how to use it. Dire Dawa has never been a somali city! You guys are getting worked up over 77 propaganda its funny, kinda of ironic since somali brag about pushing oromos but when the shoe is on the other foot you guys cry. The Gurgura little liberation Front they had was intriguing because Gurgura and oromo are very mixed.

Members of both groups chilled together, ate together and did Barcaa together. Dont confuse politics and real life. Ethnic regionalism got everyone buzzed. Singer we have many singers who sing in afaan Oromo about Oromos backhome and everything who are Gurgura.

Similar Topics. World female population is more than male population. Brave and knowledgeable Oromo brother spitting facts on Mereja! Hargeisa and Jigjiga were originally Oromo cities!

Oromo claims the Oromo migration is a myth! How big is the non somali population in SL?

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gurgura is oromo or somali

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gurgura is oromo or somali

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