Suzuki jimny 2019 upgrades

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Suzuki jimny 2019 upgrades

If some off-road crossover is unique, that is Jimny. Its combination of size, capability, and equipment is still unmatched by rival companies.

With new Suzuki Jimny, the gap will be even bigger. Besides wagon, we will see the convertible model as well. A 2-door cabrio is one of the starts of current, fourth generation of crossover. Well, if Jimny diesel appears, the page could turn in a no time. Other changes on the upcoming Suzuki Jimny are big.

So huge that will start a new generation.

Suzuki Jimny Accessories List: Body Decals, Alloys, Rooftop Carriers & More

Initially, the SUV should be a model for season, but it seems like there will be a delay. Nevertheless, the company could make a short stint with the year model, and then present serious upgrades for Jimny. Whatsoever, small fixes will solve all lags registered by the owners of the new SUV.

Whatsoever, Jimny is going to get some extra accessories. The major indicator of this is the infotainment system. Last year, few Suzuki vehicles received the suite developed by the company. The same package will probably be available for Suzuki Jimny. The favorite to take a position under the hood of the Suzuki Jimny is a BoosterJet engine, also used by Swift.

New Suzuki Jimny

However, the crossover will add a turbocharger to the 1. This combination is available only for customers in Japan, while the rest of the world could get higher displacement. One of the alternatives is 1. Both of these will be more potent than the base engine. Whatsoever, the Suzuki Jimny in Australian market could get a specific type of drivetrain.

The last, but not the least option is Suzuki Jimny diesel. As the alternative to petrol units, this kind of a crossover could be more interesting to European buyers.

The most likely unit for the SUV is a 1. Buyers of the Suzuki Jimny will have a choice between automatic and manual gearbox. Both of them are 5-speed transmissions. Suzuki is using the AMT technology to reduce fuel consumption on the automatic boxes. Owners of these drivetrain systems will have better fuel economy than these buyers opted for the manual box.

But, exact numbers are unknown yet. It is certain that Jimny will be fuel-friendly, although it is the main purpose is riding on tough terrains. We are used to big crossovers consuming too much fuel in such conditions, but Jimny is not one of these. First of all, it is compact. Furthermore, its tuning allows the driver to select the best possible mode for various terrains. The Suzuki Jimny might not get the diesel unit.Log in.

suzuki jimny 2019 upgrades

Forgot your password? Forgot your username? Create an account. Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. Jasonmatthew wrote: Hi guys, I'm fairly new to the Jimny, but I have a Jimny reserved, will have it by December If everyone on the known waiting lists turns out to be a real customer then that puts the waiting list as already months.

Cars will be sent out almost at random to dealers. If you are first on the list and want a green one and only yellow ones turn up then other people jump ahead of you. In theory you could be first on the list but bounce down the queue month on month until the one you want arrives.

They are looking at how to ramp up production as they are already running flat out before the new markets come online in January Martin. I hope you enjoy using this forum.

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Start Prev 1 2 3 4 5 Next End. Any chance I could fit 31x These are the sizes I'd like to have on the Jimny without lifting, but I'm aware that maybe I can't without lifting Although the new Jimny seemed to have a lot of extra room under guards as opposed to the older smaller Jimny models. I'm trying to avoid lifting for the first 3 years I have the car, otherwise I will void the guarantee, but I really want to stick wheels out a bit from Guards to add stability and a better look since Jimny is a bit narrow in my opinion I live in Panama, so it's not ilegal to have tires sticking out beyond guards hereThe more functional and simple design of this accessory can be expressed both professional and heritage style.

For manual transmission. Lights which illuminate the floor space of Driver's and Passenger's seat. Will illuminate white when opening the door. Brushed aluminium checkered plate design, made of durable thermoplastic. Protects your bumper from scratches when loading and unloading. With the application of front and rear side speakers, better sound quality can be assured compared to that of the standard speaker system.

Richer bass sound and clearer high frequency sound can be provided in car cabin 1. Tray-shaped, waterproof, for folded rear seats 2.

suzuki jimny 2019 upgrades

Dimensions: Not in combination with cargo partition grid. Privacy: Your contact details are being collected by Suzuki Queensland to enable us to record the details of the vehicle you are interested in and to consider the purchase of your trade-in vehicle. We may disclose your personal information to third parties to check whether and how, your vehicle is encumbered. From time to time, Suzuki Queensland would like to contact you and to let you know about our products and services, including special offers.

If you do not want us to do so, please let us know by contacting us. You can let us know at any time if you no longer wish to be contacted for these purposes.

Your consent will remain current until you advise us otherwise. If you do not provide us with your personal information, we may not be able to consider any offer made by you. Suzuki Jimny accessories.

My quote No Accessories selected Request Quote. Differential Guard - Front More details. Add to quote. Differential Guard - Rear More details. Door Handle Escutcheon More details. Carbon design, set for left and right hand side.

Door Handle Garnish Chrome More details. Door Mirror Cover More details. Door Visor More details. For front windows, set for right and left side. Front Bumper Under Garnish More details. Front Grille More details. Mud Flaps - Black More details. Mud Flaps - Red More details.Suzuki has launched the fourth-generation Jimny in Japan.

The company, however, has still not mentioned any information regarding its launch in India. Although, they have confirmed that the new Jimny will be sold 'throughout the world'. The new Suzuki Jimny is available in two variants: Standard and the off-road ready 'Sierra'. The Jimny receives two petrol engine options: a cc turbocharged unit and the new 1. Both these engines produce 63bhp and bhp, respectively.

The engine further comes mated to either a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic gearbox. The Suzuki Jimny comes with compact dimensions, rugged looks and a high ground clearance. The compact 4x4 SUV is built on the ladder frame chassis. With the launch of the new Suzuki Jimny in Japan, the car brings along with it a range of customisable accessories.

Both variants of the Jimny get similar options, in terms of accessories. Starting off with the exterior cosmetic upgrades, the Jimny is offered with four different styling kits: Off-Road, Survival, Heritage and Revival.

All four of the styling kits include their own set of body decals, along with covers for the door handles, spare wheel, keys and ORVMs. The styling kits also include additionals accessories such as rooftop carriers, alloy wheels, mud flaps and underbody trays.

According to the chosen theme, upgrades for the fog lamps, grille and roof rails are also offered. The customisable options extend to the interiors as well. These include various seat covers and leatherette trim bits on the steering, handbrake and inner grab handles. The new Jimny also gets the option of ambient lighting in a range of colours.

Exterior off-roading kit includes various camping equipment. The SUV also offers other protective accessories such as snow wipers and wheel chains. While the interior options on the off-roader kit include luggage mats, bumper covers, front and rear privacy shades and a rear quarter box.In keeping with the mini-SUV's lifestyle bend, an accessories brochure available on the internet reveals the many customisation options available to a Suzuki Jimny buyer in the Japanese market.

Four accessory packages are available- Survival, Offroad, Heritage, and Revival. These packages add cosmetic upgrades to the fog lamps, grille, door handles, outside mirrors, roof rails, and mud flaps in line with the chosen theme. Decals and inch rim options are also available. Additions are also available to the interiors. These including seat covers, leatherette trim bits, ambient lighting options, and off-road centric accessories for protection against natural elements.

Functional enhancements like additional underbody protection, roof rails, and roof carriers can also be added. All these customisation options are also available on the Jimny Sierra. Prices start at the equivalent of Rs 9.

2019 Suzuki Jimny New Generation of the Off-Road SUV

The front grille has a 5-slat design. It is flanked by circular headlamps on either side. The headlamp housings host separated circular turn-signals. The front bumper looks minimalist but functional and houses the fog lamps and a prominent air intake. The Jimny's flared wheel arches get a dark plastic cladding. The theme is carried over inside as well.


The dash has a blocky design throughout with separate housings for the gauges. There is an 80's style square housing for the touchscreen, round air con vents and toggle switches. The styling is quite reminiscent of the Maruti Gypsy. The Japanese market car will be available with a c unit to take advantages of the country's 'kei' car tax incentives.

The new 1. Source: IndianAutosBlog. Suzuki Jimny will be equipped with 1. Mercedes brand name completes years. Compare Cars Compare Bikes. Body Type: Sportsbike.

suzuki jimny 2019 upgrades

Suzuki Jimny accessories brochure reveals customization options. Price Ex-Delhi Starts Rs 64, Related Stories. Metzeler Tourance - Features. More Filters. Mercedes brand name completes years Team OD 06 Apr Expected to land in Australia by the end of the year, and with more spy pics getting round than royal offspring, the new Jimny looks to be just awesome. In the video of it driving terrain that would be called very typical of the Aussie off-road, we get a good look at the factory suspension working as well as a couple of angry wheel lifts.

Plus they put it through mud, dirt, snow and even a bit on the black-top. On the upgrade front, there are a bunch of extra airbags, infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Electronic Stability Control, and dual sensor brake support. For those hoping for the Turbojet engine, unfortunately, it seems that the new Jimny will come with a 1.

There is even word that it will be more economical as well as more powerful, with figures being touted of a rather crazy 4.

Suzuki Jimny accessories brochure reveals customization options

So there you have some video footage where the Suzuki Jimny goes off-road. Hint, hint, Suzuki Australia!

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Newsletter Signup. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Previous Post. Next Post. Get in Touch Now! Searching for something.Raised rubber edges to help keep the footwell clean, with Jimny logo to suit automatic transmissions. Raised rubber edges to help keep the footwell clean, with Jimny logo to suit manual transmissions. The more functional and simple design of this accessory can be expressed both professional and heritage style.

Suzuki Jimny 2019 - Stock vs Modified - Off-Road

For manual transmission. Brushed aluminium checkered plate design, made of durable thermoplastic. Protects your bumper from scratches when loading and unloading. This Suzuki branded boot lip protector protects the rear bumper paintwork from scratches and scuffs while loading and unloading cargo.

Made of 3mm aluminium, protects the components of your vehicle's differentials on rugged off-road trails. Sleek and smart, this frame mount bike rack applies precise clamping pressure to fasten your bicycle without the need to remove the front wheel. Roof rack crossbars are required to fit this accessory. Observe height restrictions with this item. Ready to hit the slopes? Get the added convenience of a ski and snowboard attachment to transport all your gear without sacrificing space inside your car.

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Roof rack cross rails are required to fit this attachment. Includes USB and headphones and retains access to all buttons and ports.

suzuki jimny 2019 upgrades

The only decision left is what to watch next. USB Voltage adaptor V; 2Aincluding connection harness, for charging smart phones etc from the rear seat. Installed at rear end of center console. If you are a defined essential service and are unable to obtain support from your usual Suzuki Dealer, please click here for more information.

Jimny Accessories. Cargo Tray, Large Part No. Tray-shaped, waterproof, for folded rear seats. Dimensions: Cargo Tray, Small Part No.


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